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To get a link to the comment you need to copy the link, which is located under the date of publication of the comment. (if the comment is a photo then you should not enter in this photo, and get a link from the date of publication of a comment seeing the same post)


[vc_column_text] People who can I create are derived from our advertising systems and from our partners. All persons who can I create a agreed to pay full access to your account to lajkowania. In the majority of these are real and true account, but please take into account that currently most people have hidden friends list and adds the photos only for friends. Therefore, the person who for us can have an empty profile might actually be a standard user who has non-public data. We accept that ok 10-15% of people in our system does not use their real accounts, and added fake account, unfortunately we are not in a position to verify all. [/vc_column_text]


Possible reasons:

  1. The maximum number of likes a given type is reached. Current limits are on the main side of the Panel. You can try to add a verb.
  2. If you added 0 likes this please contact-there is probably an error.
  3. Post has restrictions on the age/country/city/sex-then lajkowanie or do not work or work in smaller quantities.
  4. There is a break system service (repair or add new features)-Please pay attention to the messages. It is usually given time to resume again.

Please do not worry, if not all the likes are not added. From the account are downloaded only points for added correctly like, and other points are automatically returned.


It is not possible to add votes in polls. [/vc_column_text]


Unfortunately it is not possible to delete likes/share/comments added by our system. [/vc_column_text]


Possible reasons
  1. We carry out upgrading (add options, repair errors, etc.)
  2. There is a problem in the system and the order does not take off.

If the status "Not started" will maintain more than 30 minutes, please contact us at support@socialmachine.io [/vc_column_text]


The reactions are temporarily inactive. We plan to add the ability to add reaction in April. Currently, the gratisa is added one response love to each job. For orders from the Machine fan page are added 2 (love and wow).


Likes invisible people, which, after zalajkowaniu are not visible in the list of people who liked your post. Likes invisible are not available for private profiles.



SocialMachine every few seconds will check whether a new post appeared on the fanpage. If you came to will automatically be added like in accordance with the settings. Slot machine, you can disable/enable at any time. Monthly cost on a fanpage is only 100 points. Quickly add likes and share immediately after the publication of the much improved ranges and you do not need to add orders for each post. Vending machine itself will do all the work.


Add fans on a fanpage is the worst thing we can do. Adding to the fanpage of people who are not familiar with our company/topic/person, that new fans will not be active in new posts. By what will be dropping EDGE Rank (quality factor of our fanpage), and hence will be getting smaller ranges. Add fans only makes sense in one case. If you want to destroy the ranges competition. Then you can them purchase fans on the allegro at other retailers and on the fanpage of competition. Unfortunately, adding fans this is one of the biggest myths that are in social media. Generally people think that you may want to add a little kupnych fans to begin with, to a fanpage not look empty. In fact, we will have then the fictional fans, but we can forget about real fans and real ranges. THERE are real fans of what we purchase on our fanpage. To get the fans we have to use the "traditional" method. Please do not confuse add fans with adding likes. Likes are the posts/comments. The fans are the subscribers of our entire fanpage. Likes positively or neutrally (if we have small ranges). Fans of the impact very negatively on the ranges.



[vc_column_text] Open your Facebook account, and set the "who can follow me" to "public". If the monitor is not visible in the settings/Privacy "include a Public setting" allow publishing Public and Observe. [/vc_column_text] [image_with_animation = "image_url 6859" alignment = "animation" = "Fade In" box_shadow = "none" max_width = "100%"]


2017r update: currently, we do not require links to your account with any application. The old answer, 2016: proper add likes on private profiles is necessary to post was set to public, you have the opportunity to observe and you must be connected to the official iOS application. The connection does not give us access to your user account, but you can add likes in our system and download current statistics. [/vc_column_text]


If the monitor is not visible and cannot be set as public posts is in Settings/Privacy "include a Public setting" allow publishing Public and Observe. [/vc_column_text]


So. On the www.socialmachine.io please log in to your control panel (if you do not have an account then you must set up an account). In the menu "purchase", you can select a form of payment.


So. On the www.socialmachine.io please log in to your control panel (if you do not have an account then you must set up an account). In the menu "purchase", you can select payment tPay. [/vc_column_text]


By purchasing through the portal SocialMachine.io points are added to the account during the ok 30-50 seconds of confirmation of payment. When you buy the Allegro code is sent in an average of 7 minutes after confirmation of payment by a slot machine. The code is sent to the email address specified in your account.


Yet this is not the case. In the short term we should add the Paysafecard payment.


Buying on the auction you must select "invoice" and an invoice will be sent to the email provided in the Allegro at the time up to 14 days. Buying on the portal SocialMachine.io please write to us when you purchase data to invoice with your payment.



[vc_column_text] We only support online (e-mail). Questions please describe the case and we will promptly reply. After obtaining the status of VIP customer (more than 1000zł issued) we also telephone consultation. [/vc_column_text]


as soon as we chat in the lower-right corner or contact form. We typically in max 1-2 h. The response time may be extended to 24 hours. Support works 24/7/365

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